Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2.0 Beta4

Another week, another beta. There's no much big or interesting in this one. I was hoping Beta3 would be the last Beta. Unfortunately, the were a few fairly obvious bugs in the install/DB code.

If there was ever a problem connecting, I was calling the mysql instead of the mysqli function. No really a huge deal, because if you're having a problem connecting, there's already a more important issue, but it's something that needed to be addressed nonetheless.

The next issue was just a typo that I made while fixing pretty much the same typo. No excuses here. The reason it got though is because I don't have a setup to test that portion of the installer. Why? A little laziness I guess. My host requires me to create databases and users through their web admin panel, so I can't test the portion of the calendar that creates databases and users.

The final issue and main reason for the early beta, some configurations (well, only one that I've heard of, but that's enough) don't respect the default database being set in the mysqli constructor, so I'm setting it using select_db() immediately after, which seems to work fine. This seems related to another issue with PDO where changing the order of arguments to PDO fixed the same problem. I think both issues were on Windows XP. Regardless, this should have no impact for anyone else and fixes at least one setup.

Try out the beta. If you had problems with the install, hopefully they're fixed. If you didn't have problems with the install, please try it again to verify that it's still working.

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