Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2.0 beta3

I was planning to make the next package a release candidate after I finished my TODO list. Today, I added a file to SVN and discovered a few others hadn't made it into SVN either. Checking the issues, this affected 2.0 beta2. So, I put up a new beta today. In addition to having all of the appropriate files, I fixed the global admin panel which had been broken by some other change. Everything else is pretty trivial. No more extra rows in the event form from hidden fields, readonly events can be created, global admins can delete users, and some other random bug fixes with the admin panels.

Hopefully Beta3 will be the last one before the release candidate(s). So play around with it, it should be more feature-complete than 1.1. Keep in mind, if there's something that isn't right. If you have a suggestion, not on that list, create an issue or send me an email.

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