Tuesday, February 18, 2014

2.0.3 released

I'm really sorry about my poor translation support. I've had a lot of other things that I wanted to get to first. I was hoping someone else would have a clue how to manage translations and step up and do it. Well, today I finally figured out how to update the translations from transifex. I will try to keep them up to date each release. If you update a translation and want to pull it into the calendar, you can run `tx pull -a`. You need to install the transifex client first. There are instructions on their website.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Moving to php-calendar.org

I've had php-calendar.com and php-calendar.org for years now. I'm moving everything over to php-calendar.org and getting rid of php-calendar.com.

In other news, php-calendar 2.1 is coming along quite well. I'm focusing mainly on polishing the UI. Markdown is now supported in the descriptions. The week view has been brought to parity with the month view. I'm working on improving the updater and installer. If there's anything you think is important for 2.1, please add it at https://github.com/sproctor/php-calendar/issues