Friday, March 12, 2010

Version 2.0 beta6

There isn't too much new here.

I fixed some bugs that I created in the last release. Specifically, some of the SQL statements with categories weren't quite right and when I fixed anonymous users, I broke one of the admin pages. Nothing really earth-shattering there, but they were stupid mistakes nonetheless. More noteworthy is that just because you have a table and the fields set as UTF-8 does not mean that MySQL is going to generate UTF-8 strings for you. I thought the entire calendar was UTF-8 before, but I was sorely mistaken. For those that don't know, UTF-8 is a character encoding that allows Western and non-Western characters to coexist. So if your Japanese friends want to post to your calendar in Japanese... now they can! Also, accented characters in the description broke the hover thing in the month view; that's now fixed.

I wrote a really simple and stupid script to generate the translation files. It's in the install directory. All of the translations are horribly out of date. I'm really sorry. If you have a favorite language and you want to create a translation or you're having trouble getting the translations working, please visit I wrote that up today for the release.