Monday, April 29, 2013

Stupid bugs

Well, another under-tested release. rc4 had a stupid bug that made occurrences not submit. A little bit of backwards logic. rc5 is posted up now. I apologize to anyone who downloaded rc4.

Friday, April 26, 2013

2.0-rc4 is out

This release is dedicated to Stefano. He did a lot of work and made a lot of suggestions that have really helped move the calendar along. The UI is now a lot more polished. Also thanks to everyone who reported bugs and helped with the translations. There have been way too many changes for me to remember them all and list here. I'll try to mention the biggest ones though. The most obvious one is the usage of jQuery UI themes. There have been a lot of smaller UI changes. There is now an importer from PHP-Calendar 1.1. I recommend users of that version upgrade if possible. There are a lot of new features and bug fixes. Those were the really big noticeable ones. We've stopped using PHP's gettext extension. This will allow translations to be updated without restarting Apache and without have the corresponding locale installed and PHP without gettext will still work. The downside is that it might slow down the script. If anyone runs into problems with this, let me know and I'll work on a solution. Translations can now be generated from the Admin panel. Category permissions can now be managed, but this still needs a bit of work for the stable release. The color picker has been replaced with something jquery based. Event creation/modification times have been added. The install script will no longer run after the calendar is installed, so it doesn't need to be removed. I'm hoping to get a final 2.0 release out within the next couple of weeks. There are few tasks that need to be done for it. We mostly need testing. The installer and updater have only gotten very minimal testing for this release. Enjoy.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Increasing ambition

There have been more changes since the last RC than pretty much any previous release. Sabas has joined the team and is making some much needed improvements. Development has moved over to github. Translations are now up on Transifex. Mostly the changes have been a much needed UI makeover.