Thursday, February 11, 2010

2.0 Beta 5 is out

After about a month of slacking, 2.0 Beta 5 is out. The most important point about this update is that the DB format has changed slightly, so previous installations cannot be directly upgraded. I haven't written an upgrade script, so if you really need to upgrade your existing calendar, the easiest way is to install a new calendar with a different prefix, then rename the table `prefix_categories` to your original prefix, and look at the new `prefix_events` table. It should have one more row than your existing events table. Create that row in your events table. Embedding the calendar is changed a little, index.php now has a lot more variables to customize (and embed_setup.php has the same variables to customize), these variables were previously in setup.php, anonymous users can create events again, and events can now have categories with custom backgrounds.